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Clients are applications that use the REST API of News. They are not maintained by the News team. If you are the developer of an app, feel free to create a PR to add your app to this list.

Sync Clients

A sync client can be used to read news and synchronize via the API.

Name OS/Platform License Source
RSS Guard Windows, Linux, OS/2, Mac OS GPL-3.0 License GitHub
Nextcloud News Reader Android GPL-3.0 License GitHub
OCReader Android GPL-3.0 License GitHub
Newsout Android Apache-2.0 License GitHub
Readrops Android GPL-3.0 License GitHub
CloudNews iOS BSD-2-Clause License GitHub
Fiery Feeds iOS - -
Nextnews iOS - -
News Checker Google Chrome - GitHub
own News Blackberry - -
FeedSpider Firefox OS, webOS, LuneOS MIT License GitHub
fastReader Windows Phone - -
py3status i3wm BSD-3-Clause License GitHub
newsboat Unix Terminal MIT License GitHub
Newsie Ubuntu Touch GPL-3.0 License GitLab

Update Clients

An update client uses the News API or the OCC CLI to update the feeds in News.