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Releases are created automatically by GitHub Actions. A release is triggered via a GitHub Release. The GitHub Action will then start a build based on the git tag. A release can only be approved by @Grotax or @SMillerDev. An admin of the Nextcloud organization can always overwrite these settings. The private key is stored as environmental secret in GitHub. The owner of the private key is @Grotax.



While the app should try to support all PHP versions that Nextcloud currently supports, the real focus when deciding to cut a PHP version should be on maintenance burden. Users are nice, but devs should be a priority in decisions that are likely to impact them significantly.


  • Bug reports without test cases (feed URL and action is enough) can be closed with or without comment.

  • Feature requests without thoughtful commentary or pull request can be closed with or without comment, unless a developer is interested to support such a feature.

  • Issues without activity in the last 30 days can be closed with or without comment. If this is a bug you care about that isn't getting attention, fix it. If you're good enough to understand the bug, you're good enough to fix it.

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