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Is There An Subscription URL To Easily Subscribe To Feeds?

By appending /index.php/apps/news?subscribe_to=SOME_RSS_URL to your NextCloud base path URL, you can launch the News app with a pre-filled URL, e.g.:


Known Working Integrations

Chrome / Edge

  1. Install RSS Subscription Extension (by Google) extension
  2. Open the extension's options menu
  3. Click Add..
  4. In the Description field, enter a description for the RSS reader entry. 'NextCloud News' is a reasonable name.
  5. Enter https://<NEXTCLOUD_BASE_PATH>/index.php/apps/news?subscribe_to=%s replacing <NEXTCLOUD_BASE_PATH> with the base URL path to your NextCloud instance.


  1. Install Firefox Add-on Extension Awesome RSS
  2. Open the Preferences for the extension
  3. In the 'Subscribe using' section, select the NextCloud radio button
  4. In the field link field, enter the base NextCloud URL.